A well known face (read:rack)…lol

SO, no joke, I went for my morning walk for coffee this morning (which was awesomely brisk, yay!) and I had ordered my normal iced caramel blend thingy and was getting breakfast bagels for myself and Liana. I walk in the door and the girl behind the register (who serves me every morning) goes ‘Are you Anna-Ray Collins?’

Haha, I think my jaw hit the floor. I’m not expecting people to recognize me out on the street in my everyday life. I corrected her and told her how to pronounce my name (only fair, she did the same with me about hers not even a week ago, lol) and then asked where she had heard of me/how she knew who I was?

Her reply?

The radio station about your ebay auction.

Haha, thank god for free advertising. Our high bidder right now wants to advertise a weight loss product on my chest =/ I hope the auction keeps going up up up! =)

Anyways, just thought that that was too funny not to share, lol <3


<3 Big Busty Mania


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2 Responses to “A well known face (read:rack)…lol”

  • Claude Says:

    That’s freaking funny. In all seriousness, you probably could get a lot of “mainstream” press about this whole scheme of yours.

    Can you share more about the radio station’s story about you? Did they have you in the studio? Call you? How’d they ever find out about it all?

  • Louis Luigi Says:

    Haha, well I think your ’sponsor’ and your fans/viewers have a conflict of interest, right?

    Keep up the good work!


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