*Video* ‘Midnight Snack’ -Aug

Do you like your women thick, hot and fluffy? Then look no further! Do you want to know what I like that’s also thick, hot and fluffy? Pancakes!

The latest video update to my site at www.bigbustymania.com is a 7 minute and 40 second feeder fetish video!

Watch me eat in High Definition Video as I devour a big delicious stack of sweet, syrupy, sticky pancakes. Making sure not to miss any of my sweet midnight snack, I even bend my head down and eat the piece of pancake I dropped on my huge breast – then licked my big boob clean! After that I run my fingers along the entire plate making sure to scoop every last drop of syrup into my mouth, wrapping my full lips around each finger and sucking the tip dry! ;-)

I follow my pancake eating binge by giving myself a nice tummy massage because I was so full, making sure to include my huge tits and paying special attention to my pancake sized areolas and hard nipples as I allow my meal to settle in for the long haul into my thick, round, fat tummy!

To see the entire exclusive session of my first ever feeder video (along with 100 other mins of exclusive HD videos of me), come join us at www.bigbustymania.com

Big Busty Mania's First Feeder Video!

Big Busty Mania's First Feeder Video!

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