Set 8- *St. Patricks Day- BONUS UPDATE! =)* -March

Hi guys!
So- guess what? BONUS UPDATE time! =D

Big Busty Mania is feeling the luck of the Irish in this green clad, super fun set

Big Busty Mania is feeling the luck of the Irish in this green clad, super fun set

St. Patrick’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday of the year and being Irish, I had to show some love ^_~ Enjoy the extra set, this one’s being posted mid-week =D Another post later with Friday’s update preview as well! <3

Join me inside to see this awesome, kick-ass, super cool set!

<3 Big Busty Mania!

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8 Responses to “Set 8- *St. Patricks Day- BONUS UPDATE! =)* -March”

  • digigert Says:


    When can we expect this new St. Patricks Day set?
    Can’t wait to see it

  • admin Says:

    It’s coming >.< my webmaster is feeling a bit under the weather =(

  • her webmaster Says:

    it’s tru, her webmaster is so under the weather. but, since I can’t sleep I am up editing the dt patrick’s day set for you to see ON st. patrick’s day! ocd and insomnia = lots of pics for you guys this week!

  • Kitty Says:

    You have really pretty hair.. natural redhead? :)

  • admin Says:

    Yes Kitty =) This is my natural color ^_^ In some shots you’ll see my hair look darker and more brown and other sets it looks so vibrant and red because of the light, I love it.

  • Kitty Says:

    Lucky you! I’m a boring brunette aha :) do you grow your nails long? (hope that doesn’t sound creepy/weird)

  • ddr5000 Says:

    I am obsessed with this beautiful girl! I’ll be a member of this site for life! I can’t wait for the bonus update, where is it?

  • Corey Says:

    Glad you r repping the Irish gals ;) only request is more side shots and ass shots cause we all know you got a nice bum you need to show it more oh and more of you on all fours from the side not sure why but lobe those poses

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