Mar 10 2010

Rawr! Random Blog Update =)

Hi guys! =) Just wanted to keep you all apprised of the situation here at my super cool new website.

Well, we;ve made a couple of changes over the past few days, and I apparently neglected to turn on blog registration for users to be able to comment, so that’s on now =) Don’t be shy, post it up ^_^ Please be aware that your blog registration is not the same as your site login information. ( I look forward to comments, haha, I thought you all just hated this blog and that’s why you werent commenting( you might still hate it, but i’m going to hope not, lol))

AND on to our second order of business:

(hehe) -and- Busty Mania-Collins-40NN-models-YOUR-logo-around-LA_W0QQitemZ170457092245QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item27b008d095

We’re hoping to put the proceeds of the auction directly to a $4500 cam streaming server/solution in order to get the best quality cam shows on the site as possible for our members <3

As far as my personal life, things are calming down quite a bit and life is getting into a good routine =) Spontaneity is always fun, but sometimes you simply need to know what you’re going to do next and not have to worry about it =)

Alright my lovelies <3 Sign up, leave comments, and be nice =)


<3 Big Busty Mania


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