Feb 1 2010

Hello, what?

I hate when the first thing you ever do is the ‘Hello, world!’ script. ugh, so- welcome to this installment of ‘Hello, what?’ more commonly known as ‘GTFO’ lol.

This blog will include updates for site news and exciting events! Every Monday a teaser pic will be posted here from the set due to release on Friday! =) We’ll be having updates EVERY week (unless i’m otherwise incapacitated, or decapitated, which would put a damper on the whole thing I think).

Inofrmation about our contests and raffles and giveaways will also be posted here, as will the winners! We will be doing a monthly giveaway of a free 20 minute cam show with me (obviously, since, well…you know, it’s my site and all, lol) and maybe some other goodies as well =)

I’ll be updating soon with preview pics of our launch sets! Stay tuned! ^_~

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