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Big Busty Mania Cash Big Busty Mania Cash AFFILIATE PROGRAM Big Busty Mania Cash Big Busty Mania Cash
Big Busty Mania Cash Big Busty Mania Cash
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The Big Busty Mania Affiliate Program
pays 40% recurring of the $30.00
initial subscription fee, which equals $12.00
per signup and includes rebills. offers potential membes discounted long term subscriptions priced from $60.00 to $100.00 so you can earn
up to $40.00 per advanced referral sale.
  You will earn 5% of each sale including rebills from the webmasters you refer. So, besides earning from your own sales, you'll also earn from theirs.
Site Features & Member Benefits: -
Live Voyeur Cam Watching Big Busty Mania's Bed 24/7***
  - 2 Live 1 Hour Cam Shows Per Week - Member Requests Allowed
  - 150+ Exclusive Big Busty Mania Pin-Up Photos Per Month
  - 20+ Minutes of Exclusive Big Busty Mania HD Video Per Month
  - Discounted Private Cam Show Rates with Big Busty Mania
  - Weekly Drawings for Free Cam Shows With Big Busty Mania
  - Dicounted Store Pricing for Members Including Custom Videos
    ***expanding to include multiple bedroom cams & a shower cam in 2011
In addition to Big Busty Mania's sweet personality, enticing physical beauty, humor, intellect and charm, we offer our members even more incentive to stick around, with loyalty discounts. After 3 months of uninterrupted membership the rebill price goes down to $24.95, after 6 months it drops down to $19.95 inspiring our members to renew their subscriptions and you earn rebill cash too!

Our trial affiliate program will be active from 11-11-10 through 11-11-11. This revenue share program is a trial, and as such, it is conditional. If things go well, we'll consider keeping the program open past the originally planned termination date. Otherwise, the program will be complete on 11-11-11, so make your sales while you can and take advantage of this very exclusive opportunity.

Big Busty Mania offers a live voyeur cam which is facing her bed 24/7 and although, she is not always in her bed, when she is members can watch her and leave messages for her in her chat room. She may respond immidiately if she is available and looking at her chat room. Either way members can peek in on her sleeping, cuddling with her boyfriend, (sometimes smothering him) and performing naughty cam shows for private fans.

Big Busty Mania performs 2 one hour live cam shows per week for her website subscribers, during which she entertains requests for poses her members hope to see. In addition, members recieve discounted rates for private cam shows with Big Busty Mania, and also discounted rates on merchandise in her store. Non-member prices are higher for for store items, including but not limited to custom videos, private cam shows, feeder/eating videos, Big Busty Mania's collectible bras, panties and costumes, etc..

These are all great features that can be promoted to your readers, and may help you to make more sales. Many of our members mention their love of the VoyeurCam feature and the chatroom interactivity for the live updating content.

As you may know, Big Busty Mania is pregnant - so the term of this offer includes the length of her pregnancy and the lactation which will occur afterwards. Considering the physical changes, expansion and unique size of Big Busty Mania's assets, these are all great selling points and excellent opportunities for to earn extra money with us, during this recession.

As mentioned above, we currently offer our members exclusive photos, videos, a live 24/7 bedroom voyeur cam, weekly member live webcam shows with member requests allowed, and we will be adding cam show replays to the members area along with a voyeur cam still photo gallery and guest model girl/girl glamour content in the coming weeks. In 2011 we're adding a multi-cam system for Big Busty Mania's VoyeurCam in her bedroom and a ShowerCam as well.

If you click below, and accept our offer to become an Affiliate, we hope that our revenue sharing partnership will be profitable for us all and look forward to providing you with the tools you need to help make your affiliation a success for both you and your business.


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To add our unique affiliate link to your site, simply replace YOURID with the unique affiliate # you were given when you signed up.


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Payment to you is made through the ccBill RevShare program and checks are sent to you bi-monthly from ccBill on the 8th & 22nd of the month.

You must read and comply with all of the ccBill RevShare rules as outlined in the agreement Terms and Conditions of .

Although we welcome international RevSharers, all funds are sent from ccBill to you in U.S. funds.

Sites that include child pornography, rape, bestiality, or violence will not be allowed to participate.

We reserve the right to terminate any account if it is in violation of my terms and conditions, or for any other reason we deem reasonable.

We reserve the right to deny any request for a RevShare application without a published reason.

The approval of the RevShare application is at the sole discretion of the Webmistress.

Big Busty Mania Cash Big Busty Mania Cash